Tuesday, December 14, 2004

damn that jeff galooley...

Apparently, God didn't like my knocking the clumsies the other day. At Doug and Richard's Holiday Soiree last night, while relatively sober, I walked right into an ottoman. While a lame and pointless act of awkward clumsiness, I played my gaff off brilliantly. My legs, however, posess the bruises of a cheap stripper. I look like Nancy Kerrigan.
Zoe, Tom, Andy, and I did create a fabulous photo shoot in the boudoir. Itty's got to get her ass over here and help me post images. Our photo shoot is hilarious and obscene. Maybe, I'll load them onto Friendster. Check it out.
In typical fashion, Ignacio hugged me so hard, he broke my earring. Nice. Zoe chucked, until I handed her the mangled accessory, at which point she collapsed onto the bed in hysterics. Apparently, Ignacio expresses the strength of his love with the strength of his grip. I mean, my god. He bent silver.