Wednesday, October 13, 2004

who's the asian lady...

Last night, I ran out of the Mike Leigh party in Mill Valley and hightailed it to Martuni's for Phillip and Michael's wedding shower. Phillip was my roommate before Bonnie, and one night 2 years ago, as he, Tammy, and I were boozing it up at Martuni's, he met Michael. They're getting hitched next weekend in Sausalito, and I couldn't be more thrilled. They're pretty much the most wonderful men I know, and are fiercely loyal. I love them.
Anyway, it was a big, old, Beach Blanket reunion. Most of the party was over once I arrived, and Martuni's was open to the public. Just the old time BBB boozehounds were left, and needless to say, that's my crowd. Pip, Kathleen, Tammy, Mike, Andy, Juan, and the queen of them all, Patrick. Patrick taught me how to drink. Literally. He's this incredible, magical man, who's currently Jaffar at Disneyland, and thus, lives in LA. But he's in town through the wedding, and that means that it's going to get crazy.
Which, it did last night. I don't know that I've ever actually paid for a drink at Martuni's. I mean, I practically lived there for 3 years, and glasses of wine just seem to appear before me. As I was sitting at our table, watching my friends sing, my Pip in love, and my Andy at my side, I got a little teary eyed. While I hated my job at the Blanket, I made the best friends I will ever have.
I wasn't always the party throwing vixen you see before you. My life used to be much different. My life used to be Martuni's. Gay men, caberet, dim lighting, and the run of the place. Martuni's was home.
We sat in a group, Kathleen, Andy, and I apprently causing a scene. We were really obnoxious, but having the most fun. In our group, however, there sat a middleaged Asian lady. I couldn't figure out who she was, but there's always a groupie or two. At about midnight, everyone totally shitfaced, I lean over to Andy and ask, "Who's the Asian lady?"
Deadpan and rolling his eyes, he responds, "Oh. It's man. I'll tell you later."
Ah, Martuni's.

Kathleen, Andy, and I headed outside for a "breather." The result of this "breather" is that I danced in the middle of the street while Kathleen sang the blues and Andy laughed so hard, he nearly fell in the gutter. He kept screaming, "Crazy Bitches!Crazy Sluts!"
A middle aged-pilot tried to pick me up, using cheezy 70's pick-up lines, which set my friends into hysterics. Andy didn't even try to rescue me. He just stumbled up and said, "Girl, you'd better watch out. I'm taking my drunk ass home. Ya hear?"

Soon after, I too took my drunk-ass home, after saying goodbye to the mysterious Asian lady, aptly named Alan.

The festival is over on Sunday, and Patrick's in town for 2 more weeks. Oh yeah. This is going to fun. If you can't find me, I'll be with Jaffar at Martuni's...


Zoe said...

You absolutely belong in the limelight somewhere. You are hysterical, and classic and I miss you. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there will come a time that I can brag about being friends with "Beth SPotswood" and people will be in awe. Who knows... this may be how it is in SF already, unfortunately here in MA I will have to wait until you're a little more famous. Keep posting...

Anonymous said...

YOu still hang out with that pathetic old queen, Andy? Gilr you deserve much better than her.