Monday, October 18, 2004

waking up...

And just like that, the festival's over. The party last night kinda sucked, especially compared to all the other parties. They ran out of food in about 5 minutes, you had to wait in line for booze, and the surprise guest went to some Kerry event instead. Of course, this is the party I make all my friends come to. But, really, it was all worth it to watch Bonnie and Alex on the dancefloor. Hilarious. I think Alex may have actually gotten down on one knee and proposed, although I was pretty trashed.
My head feels like dead weight, everything's kinda blurry, I only vaguely remember most of the evening. But I did have a marvelous time, Andy looked fierce, and the only real downer is that when I was being pursued by some freak who kept saying, "When we gonna slow dance?", Big Chris wouldn't pretend he was my boyfriend. Asshole. Not that I blame him, but Hello? What good are you? He just kept double fisting his Stella's, saying something to the effect of, "You're on your own, slut." Ah, chivalry.
This morning, though, I get to wake up at my parents. Everyone's gone, they left scones and a huge pot of coffee, and now I can crawl into my parent's giant bed, internationally regarded as the most comfortable and fabulous bed of all time.
I haven't been this hungover in a while. but it was all worth it. The whole festival. I mean, I'm still not over Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds. And I made wonderful friends, particularly Kiki and his marvelous girlfriend, who's hilarious and just as much fun as Kiki.
The volunteer appreciation party is on Sunday, where Kiki and I have to make speeches. Bonnie promised Kiki she'd come, so now she really has to. We're having raffle, with some pretty good prizes. This is a testament to how cool Kiki can be. We're going to rig the raffle. Isn't that awesome? So the shitty and bad volunteers get nothing and the wonderful, fun, laid back volunteers we like win the case of wine and trips to Disneyland. Finally, a little justice.


Anonymous said...

good morning kids,
I just read beth's update and I think getting on the sauce every night for the last few weeks is finally catching up with her. also beth you make me look like some drunken asshole which is cool because it was worth watching you get stalked by the greasy guy. let's be honest if some nasty skank was following me around
a party and I needed help I'm sure one of you would help me out but you'd also watch and laugh a little bit. I don't remember a lot of the conversation on the way home but I do remember me, bonnie, and andy having deep discussion about the art of taking a shit. and what a surprise bonnie tried to make out
with me once we got back to my house. I need to do around 500 sit ups today because I ate A&W last night. overall a good time
thanks beth.
my chris

Anonymous said...

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