Monday, October 11, 2004

more midgets...

I'm at the internet cafe next to the Rafael, the theater I'm stationed at until Sunday. Big Chris was over last night, as he and Bonnie have a permanent Sunday day of drinking, and we suddenly realized we'd missed a midget on our Midget Top 5.
Our apologies to Vern Troyer.
Mini-Me, we salute you.

Also, props to Big Chris and Bonnie for bringing me BBQ and making me watch Desperate Housewives. Good times.


Anonymous said...

hi beth,
I read you dairy this morning and I'm glad you gave a shout out
to mini me and called me big chris. fyi I have poster of mini me
in room. I was reading today and you could probably
give a rat's ass about this but the yankees are playing the red sox
in the alcs and since the red sox haven't won shit since 1918
( the curse etc. I'm sure you know a little about this ) they have
all these good luck charms. pedro martinez a pitcher with a
gheri curl has a 30 inch dominican dwarf that the players pass
around the locker room for good luck. I HATE the red sox but I find
this to be awesome.
gilbert lowe

Anonymous said...

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