Sunday, October 10, 2004

lambda, lambda, lambda...

While there's been a little drama lately, (and really, when isn't there?) the last 2 days have been incredible. The festival is off and running, and I'm having so much fun I can barely stand it. Keith and I have split duties, him managing the volunteers at two different theaters. We then meet up every evening at whatever the nightly event is, and party away.
Yesterday, with a packed schedule of 50 volunteers, and an awesome group of friends working with me at the theater, I started to finally relax and get into my job.
Film makers come and go, crowds line the street, there's free movies, food, and booze at all times, and I really like the folks I work with. While a tad stressed by my personal drama, I was suddenly pulled into heaven. Across a crowded sidewalk, I spotted him. Robert Caradine. Better known as Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds.
Now, over the past 3 days, I've met Laura Linney, George Lucas, and Gena Rowlands, all of whom thrill a movie nerd like myself. But Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds is another story all together. He stood there, looking like he might have a question. As I have a very important-looking badge around my neck, I felt this was my in.
"Can I answer a question?"
"No." he replied. "Can I?"
There are some moments you have to seize, some risks you have to take, some cliffs you've simply got to jump from.
"Yes." I said. "What was it like to star in the greatest movie of all time, Revenge of the Nerds."
He laughed. "It was great. I loved it, and I think it's terrific it's become such a cult classic."
"Well, as a nerd myself, that movie means the world to me." I fawned.
He grabbed my badge. "Beth Spotswood" he procliamed. "Well, you're very sweet Beth. I'm Robert."
"Well, it's been an absolute pleasure to meet you. Enjoy the festival." And off I ran to the Happy Hour lounge, beaming and laughing and thrilled to pieces. Someone made me a nametag that said Hello, My Name is Booger, and I walked out into the street filled with the joy that only a tri-lam knows.
Keith and I planned to meet at the Bluegrass Party, and I practically skipped down the street, still glowing from my encounter. The party was awesome, open to the public, with free food and booze and music. I stood with my wine and admired the actual Slimer from Ghostbusters, when a man came up and said, "Slimer fan?"
I didn't even look over. "Who isn't?"
"I designed him" he casually replied. Yep, my day was getting better and better.
The party picked up, I was schmoozing with festival big wigs, I was enjoying how truly awesome this job was becoming. Then, I heard it.
"There she is." The voice was right behind me. I turned around. It was Robert Caradine. He actually remembered me.
Now, I spoke with him for nearly 10 minutes, and I have no idea what I said. All I can tell you is that he was bopping to the bluegrass band, enjoying himself, and putting up with me. He actually hugged me goodbye.
I make 10 cents a day, working 10am-god knows when. But my god, I wouldn't have been anywhere else for all the money in the world.
Lewis Skulnick, people. Revenge of the Nerds is on Comedy Central as I type this.
Few things make me this happy, but this is one of them.