Friday, October 29, 2004

jam night....

Last night was Halloween Jam Night at Capp's. Capp's is the bar right next to Beach Blanket, and Jam Night is when the cast and crew comes over, plays music and dances. Jam night used to happen every Thursday, but now, it's about once a month. As Zoe had class until 10, I swung by and watched the West Wing with Tim until Zoe showed and we were off.
The best thing about Capp's is that they have Coppola Claret, and I get charged $3 a glass. It's like I'm paying wholesale. Zoe and I perched ourselves in the Partick Reese memorial corner and made eyes at all the boys who walked by the window. We had a marvelous time, decided we looked adoreable, and every so often, cute boys would just walk right up and start talking to us. I love Capp's.
But the best part of last night's Jam Night was re-connecting with an old friend, a BBBer who I used to be incredibly close with until he went nuts. Everyone's told me he's no longer nuts and back to his usual, adoreable self, and I didn't believe it until last night. Sometimes, it takes a year or so to shake off the bad stuff. But when you finally do, it's so worth it. We picked up right where we left off. He was the first one to take me to Jam Night 4 years ago, and the first person I ever danced with there. Last night, we danced to our song, "Walk the dog", drank a case of Claret, and made up.
I miss my North Beach, so with a need to reclaim my territory, I dragged Richard over to Amante to see Pat, my favorite bartender. Amante, which is kind of a trendy bar for posers, wasn't really packed, but I'd say there was about 5 guys to every girl. Nice. Richard, who's now growing on me, was itching to split, so he dragged me out of there and we hightailed it back to Capp's. When I met Richard, he'd never heard of me. I found this abhorent, as I expect shrines to pop up after I leave a room, much less a job. So last night, when I met the new tech Bob, he said, "Ah, Beth. The legend." Bob, you now have a new best friend.
You all know I love super expensive, fancy pants, snooty and overpriced bars. But sometimes, the only place I'd ever want to be is Jam Night at Capps, with just enough drama to keep me interested, just enough eye candy to get dolled up, and just enough money to fund a night of drinking my favorite wine with my favorite people...