Sunday, October 03, 2004


Tonight, overcome by a need to cook, I surveyed the kitchen for ingredients. There are few recipes I've mastered, but I kick ass with phyllo and puff pastry. My spanakopita is legedary, and as I result, I always have some frozen phyllo dough stored away. I immediately decided to have a phyllo party, pulling out an array of ingredients, from Havarti to Nutella. Bonnie was in her room and on the phone, but I was desperate for her to come out and join my party. I began with onion, cheese and egg triangles, and then started to invent a new masterpeice, when Bonnie popped her head out the door. Delighted at the sight, she instantly opened a bottle of wine and got to work.
"Oh my god. Can I join you?" she asked.
"Are you nuts? It was my fantasy that you'd come out here and join my phyllo party!"
I returned to my masterpiece, and created the now famous, "Evenin' News."
Evenin' News, an exotic mix of peanut butter, Nutella, and puff pastry, is THE GREATEST FOOD EVER INVENTED. I call it Evenin' News because it looks like little newspapers rolled up. Bonnie, while frightened by my freakish display, sampled the Evenin' News and agreed. I had created a culinary miracle. Bonnie, not to be outdone, developed the exciting Asparagus and Grilled Onion triangle and the night's triumph, a turkey, onion, and melted cheese medly rolled in phyllo.
We played music and drank wine, and quite frankly, should have had our own cooking show, because we were marvelous. Bonnie crowned me the "Phyllo Queen" and she is my princess. Together, we rule the Phyllo Kingdom, and our currency is Evenin' News.