Thursday, October 14, 2004

the best e-mail I've ever received...

Literally, word for word...

How are things...good I hope, but fabulous is what I
imagine. First I would like o disclaim this letter
with my situation. I am quite drunk, yet with this
comes a kind of clearity that suddenly make sense out
a previously unseen or quagmired senerio. As a result
of this I found myself on a lone walk home,
contemplating what a man of sort contemplates, when
the thought occured that I had been quite selfish. And
with the understanding that only alcohol can provide,
I decided that I will make it my poragitive to email
you of the incident and explain my new found
After all the years that we have been friends How
could it be that I dont know alex's email address?

Could you email it to me? Also tell him I am
unavalible on my cell phone, so you and he can reach
me at 831-555-5555. Simple enough.
So Ive moved onto campus into a four bedroom
apartment, which is actually quite nice, I live at
about a thousand feet on top of a redwood canyon (I
cant really describe how beautiful it looks) there
are amazing ocean views from campus and sunset over
the mountains. In the winter the sun goes more south
on the horizon so Ill get to see the sunset over thes
ocean. Living on campus is alot the same sort of
routine as montana however there seems to be alot more
people here to learn and less of a crack house like
enviroment. Im meeting alot of people ( as is
expected) and am trying to find something to do to get
involved. I do try to remember the Tao approach and
drift like a leaf in a stream (:P) ya know the whole
active not doing lifestyle. Im taking more specific
classes and its there is a sense of urgency with my
studies, for I only have two years to make an
impression and find my way into a graduate program of
some sort. I have alot of work ahead of me, but no
road that certain. So its an exciting new chapter Im
beginning. there ya go
yogic hugs and tantric kisses

I love him so fucking much.