Thursday, October 21, 2004


I was raised in one of those families that's obsessed with sports. My mother becomes livid if one calls during a Giants or 49er game, and my brother...well, sports is his life. It's multi-generational, my grandfathers both Giants fanatics themselves. These people don't just watch sporting events, they verbally participate, screaming and jumping around. The huge new flatscreen upstairs at my parents was purchased for the sole purpose of baseball season, and now that football is apparently soon upon us, the TV room will again become the sports bar my family designed it to be.
So, last night, I was quite proud of myself for turning on the baseball game to see how the Red Sox were doing. I'm no idiot. Big Chris has been keeping me up to speed, I'm well aware of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, I even have a "Yankees Suck" t-shirt. So, during a commercial break for something far more interesting, I clicked over to Channel 2 and both congratulated the Red Sox on being ahead, and myself on actually caring, even if no one was home to pat me on the back.
I watched for a bit, and noted how the announcers kept talking about Damon. On and on, they mentioned this Damon. And, I, of course, assumed they were talking about Matt Damon. I desperately scanned the crowd shots for an eternity, before I realized that they were talking about some player. In my defense, it does make sense. Matt Damon's a huge Red Sox fan and would most certainly be able to get tickets. While stupid, yes, I've made far more embarassing blunders.
More notably, this Damon guy (not Matt) totally looks like one of the members of Color Me Badd. Check it out. It's uncanny.