Friday, August 20, 2004

so long china...

Well, here we are. It's my final afternoon here in Hong Kong. We leave bright and early tomorrow morning, and arrive in San Francisco at 9am Sunday. Thus, by the time most of you read this, I'll be home, broke and exhausted, but gloriously home. I can just imagine my huge featherbed now. I can see the Diet Snapple. I can predict what'll be on TV. And of course, Bonnie is away for a week in Long Beach, so I'll be bored out of my mind and I'm going to make you all come over and entertain me.
This has been an incredible experience, from dancing with the toothless guy in Shanghai to nearly dying of food poisoning in Beijing. I must say, Hong Kong is by far my favorite city, and I most certainly plan to return. It's pouring rain outside, but I have a few hours of shopping left in me, so at 4, mom and I will hit the temple night market, and I'll pick up the last of the Rolex's and Coach bags. Tonight, it's dinner at felix, the Philipe Stark restaurant on the top floor, and then it's Business Class all the way home. Going out in style, just how I like it.
It's hard being so far away from home, even for two weeks. Thus, Sunday night, I'm going out. I don't care who comes and I don't care where we go. I want a glass of California Cabernet. I want to drive my own car. I want to give you all your presents.
I'm afraid the blog must return to it's usual boring commentary on my daily trials and tribulations, however don't fear. I have both jury duty and traffic court coming up, so I think it's safe to promise hilarity and adventure.
You guys are awesome for reading.

Beth Spotswood has left China...

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Anonymous said...

We are pleased our missive regarding your entry of August 17 was understood.

May your memories of China be pleasant.

Isabelle Wing Ng
Ministry of Culture
People's Republic of China