Friday, July 30, 2004

margot, don't read this...

Not 10 minutes ago, I was walking downstairs to go crawl into the huge purple velvet chaise in the den and read my trashy novel, when I spotted a small object in the doorway of the guest bathroom. It was a fucking dead bird. Keep in mind, this isn't the first dead bird I've encountered while housesitting. Years ago, while at Judy and Jerry's old house in Sea Cliff, I was standing at the sink washing dishes when all of a sudden, a bird flew right into the window directly in front of me and then dropped 2 stories to the garden below. I ran onto the kitchen deck and looked down. The poor creature was twitching and erratically moving. Emma, a rotweiler who understands me like no one else, was going nuts, sniffing and barking at the dying bird. I decided to call my mother, a notorious animal hater, for advice.
"Ignore it till it dies, then toss it in the bushes."
This from the woman who sent me to 4th grade with chicken pox, telling everyone I had fleas. Carol Brady, she ain't. I couldn't stand to watch this bird in obvious hell, and I certainly couldn't forget about it, especially considering it had committed suicide right before my eyes. Should I call the SPCA? Should I put it out of it's misery? I had no idea.
I looked back out into the garden and Emma was now playing with the bird. I couldn't tell if it was still alive.
"Emma, drop the bird. Drop it, honey."
Emma drops her plaything and runs upstairs and inside. I tip toe down to the garden to inspect the morbid scene. The bird, finally dead, was a mess of blood and feathers. In an act of what some might call bravery, and others, cruelty, I took a paper towel, and tossed the corpse into the neighbor's yard.
Today, I found myself in a sadly similar situation.
Hey, it worked the first time around. The dead bird, that'd be dead bird #2, is now resting in peace next door, in a bed of hydrangeas. You'd think I'd feel some sadness for the dead creature or some guilt for throwing dead animals into stranger's perfectly manicured gardens.
All I feel is a sense of deja vu and an aversion towards poultry.


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