Monday, July 12, 2004

major talent...

In watching the West Wing, which, if you’ve been reading, you’ll know I do with up to thrice daily frequency, I’ve begun to take notice of the eclectic range of guest stars they have. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with the fact that Gerald McRaney, TV’s “Major Dad”, plays a general. This guy is always military. He’s completely typecast, save when he appeared on Designing Women as Delta Burke’s ex-husband. And isn’t it interesting, that of the two of them, he’s still working. And she’s hocking washable silk to fat poor women.
None the less, Gerald McRaney has made a career of playing the “by the books” major, lieutenant, colonel, whatever. He’s the go-to guy for your “uptight, but is really a nice guy” military type.

We need a blue collar 4 star general with a heart of gold…is Major Dad available? Yep, he is. And, he’s probably pretty cheap, too.