Thursday, July 15, 2004


I just finished babysitting for my hairstylist, Misty. In return, she's hooking me up with highlights. Misty and her husband Jeff have 2 boys. Luke is 4 and Jake is 1. Jake, being 1 and all, isn't really a talker, so I converse mostly with Luke. I call him Lukey Loo and he calls me Bethy Beth. We watch dinosaur movies and play Chutes and Ladders. Occasionally, we go outside and play on the jungle gym or chat with the scary looking construction workers next door.
I've decided Luke is a genius, and here's why.
1. He screams, "I love you Bethy Beth!" every 10 minutes.
2. He told me I was the prettiest princess he'd ever seen.
3. He found subtext in Shrek I never noticed.
4. He proclaimed, "Peanut Butter goes on everything, even me!"
5. He kicked my ass at Connect Four, and I wasn't trying to loose.
I love you, Lukey Loo!


Anonymous said...

beth i love the blogs and all, i mean they're really funny...but on the grammar babe..."the hinge on the door is 'loose'" "you know me and i hate to 'lose'"...this is not the first time i have noticed errors...but the madness needs to ya!

Anonymous said...

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