Tuesday, June 29, 2004


It's my second to last day of work, and Margot and I are alone in the office. Now that Carol, the prop lady, has returned all of the faux folliage and "stylishly" arranged it about the room, KFOG won't come on the radio anymore, due to the large basket of plastic squash placed atop the stereo. Thanks a million, Carol.
Normally, when it's just the kids in the office, Ben plays us a medely of hits on Rhapsody, his online music site. But Ben is gone, and Margot has us listening to some kind of acid jazz involving scat. Thanks a million, Margot.
Thus, we're forced to try and hack into Rhapsody, guessing at what Ben's password might be. Ben, complex fellow that he is, isn't making this very easy for us. Damn you, Ben Coe Freak Show. Damn you.
We've tried, "IwantMargot" and "IwantBeth". To our shock, it's neither. Nor is it "clay", "hippies", or "weed." We're at a loss. So Ben, if you're reading this...
What the fuck is your password?

And, oh yeah, we miss you.


Anonymous said...

Did you try "fire"? Fucking hippies.

Anonymous said...

How about "hump" or "humpin"?